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Electronic Design Engineering - Circuit Design and Development - PCB Design Service - Prototyping - Manufacturing 

Jaavin Electronic Solution Sdn. Bhd. specialises in electronic circuit & PCB (printed circuit board) design, product development and manufacturing.

Its main objective is to support tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies in their product development from design stage until mass production.  

Based on client's design inputs such as block diagram / electrical schematic drawing / diagram of a circuit / printed circuit board or PCB assembly, we develop professional electrical schematic drawing or circuit diagram and PCB layout design. 

We deliver according to client needs such as circuit board design, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly (PCBA), full working prototype PCB assembly and complete product assembly with packaging.

We offer electronic PCB design solutions for electronic product development and industrial design manufacturing catering to PCB prototyping services and high volume manufacturing. 


ANNOUNCEMENT : Moving Office

Yes , that's right. Starting 1st December 2020, we will be operating in a brand new place.

The new location is
Jaavin Electronic Solution Sdn. Bhd.
No 53-2, Jalan Anggun City 2
Pusat Komersial Anggun City
48000 Rawang, Selangor

Our new facility offers us the opportunity to better serve our loyal customers and work with our valuable business partners. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and work with you at our new location.


PCB Design Services | PCB Supplier | PCB Assembly

Circuit Design

We provide electronic circuit design services for all sort of simple to complex application. 

We are experienced in analog and digital design, embedded design, power supply, graphic display interface, wireless sensors, RF tranceivers and industrial design involving ethernet, USB, RS-485, RS-232 connectivity.

PCB Layout Design

Board design consist of several processes. Component footprint creation, component layouting, trace routing, design rule check, layout review, Gerber file and assembly drawing generation. 

The parts are arranged in such a manner to optimise the trace length, PCB size, EMI, functionality and manufacturability.

PCB Fabrication / PCB Assembly

We provide complete turnkey solution to cater to small to high volume manufacturing quantity. 

Our value added services for complete solutions for manufacturing are production planning, technical support during pre-production, production and post production. This includes parts sourcing, production planning, board testing and final box build


Other Services

  • Electronic component sourcing
  • Sample or Prototype PCB assembly
  • Industrial Design Manufacturing 
  • Programming & Testing jigs
  • Custom made wire harness

Our Clients

Our clients consist of corporates, small & medium industries, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs.

Parkaide Mobile Sdn. Bhd. 

Mediklean Pte. Ltd (S'pore)

Sapura Technical Centre Sdn Bhd

Itqan Advanced (Saudi Arabia)

MIMOS Berhad

About Us

During our fantastic journey working in multi-national and start-up companies doing development work, we realised that only large corporations or companies accorded with a large grant have the resources to manage in-house design & development (D&D) activity. 

What about those small companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs who have vision of a dream product/ solution but lack the expertise or large funding to develop its own design team? 

This encouraged us to fulfil this growing demand by starting a company called Jaavin Electronic Solution Sdn. Bhd. in 2012. 

Since then, we are proud to have assisted many Malaysian & overseas companies in providing customised solution in electronic D&D and manufacturing.                                                                                                            


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