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GenPlus: The New Generation AC Generator

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The typical petrol powered generator sets used in night markets are noisy, smoky, expensive to run and requires constant maintenance. Fortunately our AC generators are powered by battery and is quiet, smokeless and cheap to run. You only have to charge them before usage.

This generator also acts like UPS when it is always plugged in to mains AC. In the event of a black-out, the generator will automatically take over the load seamlessly.


The Gen+ C Series provide stable, clean and reliable AC power to your equipment anywhere anytime. Features within each unit include:

  • AC Output: 230V-240V AC 50Hz Pure Sine Wave 300W
  • Built-in Charge Controller and Charger System to maintain
  • Built-in high grade Deep Cycle VRLA (EV) batteries for durability and extensive charge-discharge cycles
  • Circuit Protection: Short Circuit, Temperature Control, Overload & Surge Protector, Low Battery Cut-Off
  • Integrated Uninterrupted Power Supply ("UPS") features
  • Available in different battery capacities for different application and usage duration.

Model Variance (All models have the same appearance and size as shown in the picture)

Model 1218 -300W

  • 300W continuous output, 600W peak
  • 18AH AGM VRLA Battery (hybrid)
  • Suitable for lamps, with LED lamps, a single charge will last up to 12 hours
  • Price: MYR2099.00*

Model 1233 -300W

  • 300W continuous output, 600W peak
  • 33AH AGM VRLA Battery (hybrid)
  • Suitable for lamps and low power devices (radio, fan), with LED lamps + fan, a single charge will last up to 8 hours
  • Price: MYR2399*

Model 1255 -300W

  • 300W continuous output, 600W peak
  • 55AH AGM VRLA Battery (hybrid)
  • Suitable for lamps, light load blenders, radios, fans and laptops. Biggest battery capacity with longest usage time
  • Price: MYR2599*

*Price including 6% GST and excluding shipping cost