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Your One Stop Solution for Circuit Board Design, Development & Manufacturing

Jaavin Electronic Solution

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PCB Manufacturing

We cater to small volume printed circuit board, PCB fabrication (less than 10) to high volume PCB manufacturing quantity. Fabrication of PCB include single layer, double layer PCB to multi layer PCB, variety of material and finishing.

Board manufacturing specifications will be according to your requirement.

PCB specifications currently supported:

  •   Number of layers: 2 to 12
  • Plated finishing: OSP, HAL-RoHs, Flash Gold(Max. 1.5µm), Immersion Gold(Max. 0.5µm), Gold finger
  • PCB Material: FR4, BT-Resin,CEM1, roger, Aluminum
  • Copper thickness: 0.5oz to 5oz
  • Board thickness: 0.2mm to 4.8mm
  • Board thickness tolerance: +/-10%
  • Minimum trace/space: 4mil/4mil
  • Soldering profile: 245℃ 5s
  • Hot air profile: 288℃ 10s
  • Impedance control: 10%
  • Lead time (Prototype): 5~10 days depending on PCB layer count