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Your One Stop Solution for Circuit Board Design, Development & Manufacturing

Jaavin Electronic Solution

An Overview of PCB Design Services

  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • PCB Layout Designing
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Prototype Assembly & Testing

  • Electronic Components Sourcing
  • Embedded Software (Firmware), Software Development
  • Automated & Manual Testing Jigs
  • Custom Made Cable Assemblies

Before we start an electronic design, a study is performed on the conceptual design based on customer requirements in terms of feasibility, cost and performance. It is important that customer is well aware of the design platform and approach at the beginning stage of the product development to avoid misunderstanding, project delays and ...

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Board design consist of several processes. Component footprint creation, component layouting, trace routing, design rule check, layout review, Gerber file and assembly drawing generation.

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We cater to small volume PCB fabrication (less than 10) to high volume PCB manufacturing quantity. Various types of PCBs are supported; single layer PCB to multi layer PCB, variety of material and finishing.

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We work closely with our electronic manufacturing services provider. Our value added services for complete solutions for manufacturing are production planning, technical support during pre-production, production and post production. Jaavin Electronic Solution also gives consultation on PCBA testing in production line.

Our electronic manufacturing assembly lines are equipped with Full Auto SMT Lines, Semi Auto SMT Lines, Automatic Insert Machines and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). Click here to read more...

Electronic Components & Part Sourcing

From many years of experience in the electronic field industry we have built an extensive network of reliable electronic suppliers, vendors, distributors and manufacturers. RFQ, Supplier Selection, Supplier Liaising and Part Purchasing are some of our value added services. Our services include procurement of electronic components and materials for both low and high volume production. 

PCB Prototyping Service and Testing

For small quantity PCB assembly, it may not be cost effective to engage manufacturing assembly to do auto assembly. Jaavin Electronic Solution provides manual solder PCB assembly services and testing of your prototypes.

Before part of a circuit board design is implemented on actual PCB, it is best to build a pre-prototype board to test and evaluate it. We do manual assembly of sub- circuits on 'prototype' boards such as bread board and vero board, perform testing as requested by client.

This saves high PCB fabrication and auto-assembly cost that usually occur for low quantity order. Moreover it helps to reduce the number of PCB re-design cycles before the product hits the market.

Automated & Manual Testing Jigs

We design and build customised manual/ automated programming & testing jigs for the PCBA. These jigs consist of the mechanical jig, interface boards or programming dongles for MCU in-circuit-programming.

Custom Made Cable Assemblies

We construct and supply custom made cables according to customer requirements. Just specify the type of connecter, cable and length, we do the rest. Some of the cable assemblies that we support:

  •     RF cables with SMA, RP-SMA and N-Type Connector termination
  • CAT-5E ethernet cable with RJ45 connector termination
  • USB cable with USB type-A, type-B, female/male header connector termination
  • Ribbon cable with standard female/ male header or socket termination

Customised Metal & Plastic Enclosures

We develop customised enclosures to fit in your PCB board.

Our team of expertise will professionally design the enclosure that will give a perfect fitting to the designed PCB.

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