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Your One Stop Solution for Circuit Board Design, Development & Manufacturing

Jaavin Electronic Solution

What is a PCB?

Electrical circuit created by laying (printing) ‘tracks’ of a conductor such as copper on one or both sides of an insulating board. The Printed circuit board was invented in 1936 by Austrian scientist Paul Eisler, and was first used on a large scale in 1948. Learn more...

What are Gerber FIles?

When an electronics design engineer has completed their circuit design for an application, the next step towards completing the product design is to enter the schematic details into a computer based schematic capture program. The schematic capture program, which is usually part of an Electronic Design Automation, EDA or Computer Automated Design, PCB CAD, software design package, will create a net list from the completed schematic that details every lectrical connection between each electronic component. Learn more...

PCB Assembly

Circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards (PCBs), are an integral part of modern electronics.

They are small, simple-looking bits of equipment that do a very important job - they ensure products work.

Broadly, circuit boards serve two functions. One, they act as a physical base for housing the components of an electronic device – the wires, chips and plating. Learn more...

Best Tricks to Design Electronic Circuit

People who are used to work with electronic device must be familiar with circuit. This is the basis of some devices such as iPods, cell phones, as well as many other devices used in your daily life. Usually, circuit is made with some basic parts such as capacitors and resistors. Learn more...

What Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider Needs From You?

When you engage electronic manufacturing service provider to assemble your electronic board, there are plenty of information required in order for the them to provide you price quotation and to start production. More often than not, electronic manufacturing service provider may require your presence during the initial production run to assist them to tackle technical issues that may occur due to design, process or material. By approaching Jaavin Electronic Solution, we will deal and solve any manufacturing issues directly so that you don't have to worry about the nitty gritty details. Learn more...

You Need Services to Design Circuit, Build Prototype and Manufacture Circuit Board But How To Choose the Right Electronic Design Company?

This is a common question that lingers if you plan to outsource this responsibility to a third party. The following article describes clearly the role of an electronic design company and the criteria to look for when choosing a suitable company. Learn more...