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Your One Stop Solution for Circuit Board Design, Development & Manufacturing

Jaavin Electronic Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a circuit sketch which I want you to design the PCB layout. What are the information required? A: We require the circuit sketch, BOM (Bill Of Material) of the components with part numbers and and the PCB type and size requirements. We will then give the price quotation.

Q: What are your deliverable? A: We can deliver just the PCB Gerber data, the fabricated PCB, fabricated PCB with components soldered, fabricated PCB with programmed MCU or complete electronic assembly with housing. It all depends on your requirement.

Q: Do you have design services? A: Yes we can design circuit boards based on your requirement. We also offer embedded software/ firmware development, programming and prototyping services.

Q: I have a PCB gerber data and need to fabricate it, but I just need just 1 or 2 boards. Do you support this small quantity? A : Yes we support both small (<10), medium (<1000) and large quantity (>1000)

Q:I'm a software/ firmware developer and I need you to design and provide me a complete prototype board with the components soldered to the board. Can you support? A: Yes, we can manual assemble the boards for small quantity requirements. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will support you to mass-produce the boards.

Q: Do I need to purchase and provide you the parts to assemble or can you source it yourself? A: We support both options.

Q: How is the payment mode? A: If you are from Malaysia, we accept cash, cheque or bank-in. If you are from outside Malaysia, you can pay via Paypal or TT.

Q:I'm seeking for PCB manufacturer. If no objections, can you provide me the MOQ for PCB if i want order? How long does it take to manufacture the PCB as well as delivery? Also, please include the price and design service for fabrication. A:We have no MOQ for PCB. You can order even one piece. Basically the costing for PCB manufacturing is split into (1)Engineering set-up cost and testing - This will be in the range of RM280~800 depending on your PCB board specifications. No matter what the quantity is this costing will be there even if you order one PCB board. This costing is waived if your order quantity exceeds certain quantity (normally few thousands). (2)PCB cost - this is the price of the board that will range form as low as RM0.50 to as high as RM50 depending on board size, number of layers, material and finishing. In order to quote you the price, we will need the PCB gerber data files. The normal lead time for PCB manufacturing is 8 to 10 working days. However there is an express service which will take 2-4 working days but the chargers will be double.

Q:Do you accept circuit schematics or do you require the whole board design to make it? A:Yes we can design the PCB layout and manufacture the PCB based on your schematic. The schematic format can be in any kind such as JPEG, PDF or pencil sketch. We will recreate the schematic and design the PCB layout. We can also source the components and do the component assembly for you if required.

Q: I'm an investor with some design ideas of a product and would like to design and manufacture it. Can you support? A: Yes, we will be able to provide you the industrial design manufacturing service based on your budget. Our support will be from the initial design right up to manufacturing.

Q: Besides PCBA, I would require custom made plastic/ metal enclosure with silkscreen/ sticker and the packaging box. Can you deliver? A: We provide a complete solution. Our service does not stop until PCBA, we can design proper enclosures and packaging material. 

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