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Jaavin Electronic Solution

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Electronic Circuit Design

Jaavin Electronic Solution provides electronic circuit design services for all sort of simple to complex application. We are experienced in analog and digital design, embedded design, power supply, graphic display interface, wireless sensors, RF tranceivers and industrial design involving ethernet, USB, RS-485, RS-232 connectivity.

Electronic Design Concept Study

Before we start an electronic design, a study is performed on the conceptual design based on customer requirements in terms of feasibility, cost and performance. It is important that customer is well aware of the design platform and approach at the beginning stage of the product development to avoid misunderstanding, project delays and cost overrun.

Do you have a product design idea to develop and market it? Don't know how to realise it? Consult us.

Electronic Components, Part Selection & Qualification

Electronic components are made up of passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors etc.) and active components (transistors, MOSFETs, ICs etc.). Electronic components selection is made after taking into consideration factors such as features, power and voltage rating, size, footprint, cost, availability and manufacturer's support. The components are checked for its EOL (End Of Life) to ensure the components does not become obsolete for at least 5 years.

Bill of Material (B.O.M.)/Electronic Component List Analysis

We perform thorough analysis of B.O.M provided by clients. We will do analysis of part's EOL (End Of Life), Cost, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), Supplier/ Distributor/ Manufacturer selection for prototype and mass production, optimum order quantity, procurement budget estimation.

Drawing Schematic Diagrams

When undertaking electronic projects involving digital circuit and analog circuit design, there are few design steps required to draw the schematic diagram. 

Electrical symbols are created for every electronic component that are to be used. For unique parts such as ICs and application specific components, the electrical symbols need to be created from scratch. 

The symbol carries various information such as the pin number & function, the PCB footprint, the manufacturer’s part number, tolerance and voltage ratings. This information is critical for the later stages when generating the part list and designing PCB layout. 

The schematic diagram is then drawn using Computed Aided Drafting software. After the draft schematic is completed a design review is performed for improvements and correcting errors. Once the schematic diagram is completed, it is now ready for PCB layout designing.