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Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions such as temperature, motion, humidity etc. The signal need to be converted into digital numeric values that can be later processed by computer software for analysis.

To capture the signal we need a data logger that converts real world signals to digital format. The data can be either stored in a memory card for post processing or transmitted instantaneously via cable or wireless transmission. It all depends on user preference.

This data logger board will store sensor data to an SD-Card. It can also send the sensor data to your computer via serial port or USB in real-time. The above board has a motion sensor (accelerometer). The X,Y,Z motion is converted to digital data and stored in the SD-Card. Nevertheless, any other sensors for temperature, humidty, pressure, light etc (digital or analog) can be interfaced to the board.

The data is stored in text file for further processing by end user.

It is ideal for research projects and industrial data monitoring.

Design features:

  • Battery powered using 3 x AAA battery or CR2032
  • Low power consumption
  • Storage media, SD-Card
  • Serial port or USB real time monitoring
  • Easily can be re-engineered to interface with any sensors
  • Firmware and software provided
  • Portable design, light weight
  • Any type of analogue and digital sensors can be interfaced.

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This design can be easily modified according to your needs. Interested? Contact us now for further details.