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JES-BI01 Battery Level Indicator Module

This is a battery level indicator module designed specifically for 12V lead acid battery. You just have to solder wires to the solder pads marked '+' and '-", then connect the wires to the battery terminals. The LEDs will light up according to the battery level.

All components except for the LEDs are located at bottom side so there will be no interference when mounted on panel or enclosure. You just have to drill holes for the LEDs and mount the module directly. Four mounting holes are provided.

The board is pre-calibrated for the voltage levels marked on the board. However if you need to adjust the LED indication according to different voltage levels, you can do so by adjusting the trimpot VR1 located at the back of the board shown here.

This board can be used for battery status check for most types of 12V lead acid batteries such as regular car battery, sealed lead acid battery and maintenance free battery.

JES-BI01 12V Battery Level Indicator Specification

  1. Supply voltage range: 5V - 18V
  2. Maximum current consumption: ~25mA (for power saving use 'push to test' method via an external push button)
  3. Operating temperature: 0 - 70 degrees Celcius
  4. Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  5. Level adjustment trimpot: VR1
  6. PCB dimension: 30mm x 50mm

Battery voltage <10.5V

Only red LED lights up

Battery voltage 12.5V-13.5V

Red, yellow and two green LEDs light up

Battery voltage 10.5V-11.5V

Red and yellow LEDs light up

Battery voltage >13.5V

Red, yellow and three green LEDs light up.

Battery voltage 11.5V-12.5V

Red, yellow and green LEDs light up

Top view of battery indicator module

Customised Design

We can custom design this board according to your specification. Contact us.